Vasilis Sideras was born and raised in Cyprus in 1983.
As long he can remember his dream was to create beautiful designs and
Raised in the era of the 90s Vasilis was surrounded by fashion, was the era of
Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, Valentino and Gianfranco Ferre.

After one disappointing year studying fashion in Athens in 2004 Vasilis goes
back to Cyprus. In 2005 decides to move to Milan capital of fashion at that
moment without knowing the language and where was going to. Enters at the
Istituto Marangoni of Milan, one of the most known and prestigious school of
Fashion in Europe. He graduates in 2008 in fashion Design and starts to work
as a fashion stylist at multi brand showroom. In 2009 Vasilis starts to design for
one the the brands of the show room
Leonard Paris.

In 2011 the step up comes into his life. There was a new project for
Dolce&Gabbana which was looking to make an upgrade at the fashion house.

Alta Moda ”Couture” in French, Vasilis enters the Elite team of Dolce&Gabbana
for the new Line ALTA MODA, who grows and matures for 5years as the right
hand of the head designer of the team and assistant of Mr
Domenico Dolce.

In 2016 Vasilis decides to take a break from the glamorous Fashion industry in
Milan and move back to his home country to creates his own brand SIDERA.

In 2018 open his first Brand boutique in Limassol where one woman can find
his unique creations featured with elegance, sensitivity and high quality
materials. All his creations are defined by his Couture techniques and
experience deported in pret-a-porter.